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Are you looking to sell your business or company within the fenestration industry and are you unsure how to approach things?

Succession Planning, Business Matching, Executive Recruitment

Many owners have spent years building up successful businesses and are now looking to exit for many different reasons. It could be health, family, retirement or simply the desire to change a life style.

As the economic climate continues to improve it’s a good time for buyers and sellers alike.


At Chase Taylor consultancy we have a number of clients looking to purchase or to sell their businesses in the UK fenestration market. Within our Consultancy, we have now created the ideal matching platform to bring buyers and sellers together.

If you have a business you would like to sell and are looking for expert help, then let Chase Taylor consultancy be that vehicle. We will arrange a confidential visit to discuss your requirements, goals and vision for the future.

  • We will prepare a business pack for potential buyers
  • We can discreetly promote your business on our website
  • We will target potential buyers and manage personal introductions
  • We will provide assistance where required to aid the disposal of your business
  • We can also help you find another position once the business sale has been concluded.
  • We use a confidential and discreet multi-channel approach to identify and confidentially contact potential buyers.
  • We have an entirely proactive marketing process which does not rely on advertising.

Of course, when we go into the fenestration business, although we plan short term, medium term and long term goals, few of us think about planning for exiting the business, and therefore fail to plan for such an eventuality. However, if the correct planning is put into place, it can ensure that future income is protected and will leave you in a better position for your retirement, whether this is due to ill health, family, or simply because you want to go another way.

Chase Taylor consultancy can ensure that whether you are looking to sell your business, or whether you’re a buyer looking to purchase, we will take your needs into account. With our bespoke business matching services, we can ensure that buyer and seller are brought together in a way that will ensure the future of the business, whilst giving the seller a way out that is planned to the finest detail.  We don’t just take into account the financial side of the business; instead we take a look at the bigger picture, including the future plans, visions and ethos of the company to find a match that suits both parties.

Our services include Succession Planning, business matching and executive recruitment, and we apply a tailored approach to each of these services to ensure that we offer advice and services relevant to your situation. If you’re looking to sell your fenestration business, or hoping to purchase, why not take advantage of our expertise and experience to ensure that your transaction is as smooth and stress free as possible.

Whether buying or selling you can be sure that you will get the very best advice and service from Chase Taylor consultancy .

Chase Taylor Consultancy – Succession Planning, Business Matching, Executive Recruitment
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